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Services provided by ACS

The Australian Care Solutions provider is one of the best organisations out there that help people with disabilities to not only become better versions of themselves but find solutions to the obstacles they might face with their disabilities. As an organisation, we do more than just provide support, we make sure that all our clients are met with empathy and compassion, to regain their confidence and abilities to become independent.

As an accredited National Disabilities Insurance Scheme provider, ACS has the means to provide many support programs and funding that fall under NDIS’s umbrella. Some of the many services we provide are:

  • Household Assistance:

We provide all the necessary support required to manage the home environment, along with assistance in daily activities including cleaning, maintenance, grocery shopping and more.

  • Daily Personal Help:

As many clients may be impaired when it comes to helping themselves or personal grooming our team provides the necessary support in this area as well. This includes mobilising, feeding, personal care, hygiene and much more.

  • Career Development:

ACS falls under the School Leavers Employment Services program whereby we provide the training and development for clients to join the workforce when they’re in the final year of school or once they’ve completed their course. This includes training clients for skills including money and time management, job related skills and much more.

  • Skills Development:

As we mentioned above, ACS also helps clients find and explore their various interests and develop their skills in that area as well. Some skills can also help them in their personal life like cooking, cleaning the house, using technology and much more.

  • Re-engage in the Community:

ACS also works to ensure that our clients can reintegrate into society and their community as respected citizens by helping them regain their confidence, understanding and nurturing bonds, providing support for development and much.

ACS aims for empathy, transparency, and compassion for all our clients so that they can become the best versions of themselves. Check out our website for more information.