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Our Care

Our Vision

Empowering each other to grow in health and well being through assistance

Our Mission

Together Australian Care Solutions work with our communities to promote wellness, protect health and prevent injury and advocate for change.

Growing with the community by our own commitments and nurturing that with all of our clients.

Our Care

The Australian Care Solutions isn’t just a company that provides the support our clients need to overcome the challenges and setbacks that come with a permanent or significant disability. At ACS we create a bond that goes beyond helping clients overcome their physical limitations, we nurture them to become the best version of themselves as well

Help With Goals

Do you have a permanent disability that hinders you from participating in different social activities? Are you constantly worried over a loved one who has a disability that requires your full attention and time? Do you wish there was some extra help that could enable you to do more for yourself or take care of a loved one that needs the support?


Growth Through Community

They say the sky is the limit, but now people are willing to break that ceiling and head for the stars. However, when it comes to people with permanent disabilities or their families that provide care and support, it can seem like there are many hoops to cross before they’re able to reach for the stars. But does it have to be like that always?

School Leavers Employment Services (SLES)

Are you looking for a job after completing school? Do you find there are barriers that are limiting you from achieving your professional goals because of your disability? Then allow Australian Care Solutions to take you hand in hand for reaching your career and develop the confidence required to enter the workforce.


ACS Services

The Australian Care Solutions provider is one of the best organisations out there that help people with disabilities to not only become better versions of themselves but find solutions to the obstacles they might face with their disabilities. As an organisation, we do more than just provide support, we make sure that all our clients are met with empathy and compassion, to regain their confidence and abilities to become independent.