ACS Day Centre gives you an opportunity to build independence, enjoy activities and make
Located in Yagoona, we offer day services for NDIS participants. Building on our track
record of providing excellent ‘person first’ care, our day centre helps you reach your goals –
and have fun while doing it!

Our Day-care program can help you:
 Build capacity for daily living, helping you be more independent in everyday life;
 Stay physically active while having an opportunity to get out of the house;
 Try different hobbies and develop new interests in a friendly group setting;
 Achieve your own goals with plenty of support from a dedicated staff team;
 Make new friends and spend time with other people in a warm and inclusive

 Lift your mood and improve your wellbeing by getting out of the house and spending
time doing things you enjoy;
 Develop skills that allow you to find work;
 If you are a career, have a break through our disability respite services while knowing
your loved one is in safe hands;
Care for your wellbeing and boost self esteem with our excellent therapy.

Capacity building is all about making sure you have the confidence, skills and resources you
need to participate in the community and access the same opportunities as others. We can
help you build skills such as:
 basic literacy and numeracy
 computer skills and navigating the Internet
 cooking and preparing meals
 travel and public transport skills
 housekeeping, cleaning and gardening
 skills related to personal care and grooming
 shopping and handling money
 budgeting and working out finances
 accessing supported employment