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Accredited NDIS Care and Assistance Provider

Australian Care Solutions

Australian Care Solutions is an accredited NDIS care and assistance provider servicing Bankstown and neighbouring areas in Sydney NSW. We are a organization that enables our customers to be an active part of their community and treats them with compassion and empathy. We like to say that our service goes beyond care as it enables people to fulfill their full potential.

What is NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a scheme to help Australians and their loved ones get adequate funding, who have a significant or permanent disability that is physical, intellectual, cognitive, psychosocial or sensory. Currently there are around 4.3 million Australians that are suffering from either permanent or temporary disability that not only affects how they go about their daily life but independence and activities they are involved in as well.

That is where Australian Care Solutions comes in, as it provides families that are struggling to provide support to their loved ones, or people who don’t have adequate help, the assistance or products to get about their day. Whether you need help to maintain your home environment or assistance with your workplace so that you can keep your job, NDIS is available to provide you the best support to overcome the roadblocks that are attached with a disability.

Similarly families that are worried about the development and social skills of their children or adults, can engage Australian Care Solutions for support in mobility, transportation, or home redesign and reconstruction to make your living space functional and workable for people with disabilities. Even though it can be hard to perform your daily activities like you used to, a disability doesn’t have to stop you from living your best life.

How can we help you?

We help you on your journey to living more independently and amongst community.

We help you with all hygiene and grooming needs, with comfort, dignity and privacy.

We help you understand, implement and manage your NDIS journey with us.

We work with you to find affordable  and appropriate accommodation.

We provide activities within our Day Centre allowing participants to grow and have fun.

We help you with any structural, layout or fitting changes so you can safely live in your home.

We help participants in living independently and be responsible for day-to-day living.

We assist therepists and their clients with Assistive Technology (AT) requests and provisioning process.

We assist participants with community involvement, social or recreational activites.

We help participants grow in their opportunities for community participation and employment.

We support participants in daily living tasks, by assisting, supervising, or doing them if unable.

We provide transport assistance for participants who cannot travel without help.

hows acs can help you get started

Australian Care Solutions (ACS) is an accredited NDIS care and assistance provider that helps people with permanent or temporary disabilities to become a part of their community and be able to perform daily activities without any hindrance. ACS prides itself on not only being a care provider but an organisation that places empathy at the forefront of its services as well.

We make sure that not only our customers get the support and help they need, but also the attention and independence to take on any challenges with confidence that their disability may create. If you require assistance and support for your disability, there are many ways that ACS can help you get started.

Before we begin it is important to understand how the NDIS works, the eligibility checklist, and applying for a plan to help you manage your disability. So let’s see into these aspects

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